Journal - 2021.08.26

I continued working on a front end exercise [1] and learned some things about CSS:

  • You can style the outline of elements [2] (in my case, I used it to style text inputs);
  • It's pretty easy to change the mouse cursor [3];

I believe I'm going to finish this exercise tomorrow. Interestingly enough, I did 80% of the work and spent around 20% of the total time and now that I'm working on the last 20% of it, I'm spending 80% of the time. 馃槻

On another front, I deployed Supertokens [4] successfully on my test server (using Docker and PostgreSQL). 聽It's behind an Nginx reverse proxy with SSL. 聽I hope to test it in the next few days.

For Next.js projects, I found what seems to be a great solution to authentication: NextAuth.js [5]

English is not my main language, but I'm trying to improve on it. If you find any errors, please let me know: @arthurvmdantas.

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