Journal - 2021.11.02

I practiced a little of front-end development.

I'm currently building a simple "sign up form" and I have to make a client-side validation of it. I already knew about the browser's built-in validation (using properties like 'required' on inputs) but I didn't know that they have a proper API to do this: Constraint validation API. Very nice!

The Constraint Validation API enables checking values that users have entered into form controls, before submitting the values to the server.

As always, MDN is an invaluable resource. They have a (course) module about web forms and a fairly thorough article on client-side validation.

On another note, I couldn't make an image (<img>) behave as I wanted it to. I've used a <div> instead and set the image as its background. I need to go back to it at some point and find a solution using the <img> tag.

English is not my main language, but I'm trying to improve on it. If you find any errors, please let me know: @arthurvmdantas.